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It has been such a long time in a rest. Oh no! It was a busy months, actually, but (it was) not for academic stuffs. After looking a simple yet interesting videos on the web, I found a somewhat good step to wake up. Here it is:

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How V-Tech Works

Being popularly known as a Mechanical Engineer, some people asked me how the latest engine technology works; V-tec, i-DSI, DOHC etc works. In spite of poorly learning these stuffs once undergraduate, I should enhance the knowledge and owe to them whom have ‘encouraged and thus challenged’ me in having expertise on this basic ground: Mechanical Engineering.

Know, this is just the beginning: V-tec from Honda. What is that:

VTEC is Honda’s trademarked acronym for Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control. Put simply, it’s a method of directly altering the cam profile that valves “see”, so that the optimum grind can be utilized at either high or low rpm.Honda currently has three different VTEC systems for sale in the U.S., but the primary differences are level of complexity and design purpose. Since the high performance version is the most often discussed, I’ll describe it: The high performance VTEC system, which made it’s debut in the Honda NSX, later became available on various other models – Integra, Prelude, delSol, Civic, Accord, etc. (more…)

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