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downloadBanyak kalangan berpendapat bahwa agama bukanlah tema/hal untuk diperdebatkan melainkan dilaksanakan. Dalam pandangan ini, agama bukanlah sebuah konsep pengetahuan melainkan jalan untuk menemukan Tuhan, yang dalam konsep Hindu disebut sebagai penyatuan Atman – Parama Atman.

Pandangan tersebut tentu tidak salah, namun tidak komprehensif, paling tidak jika dikaitkan dengan tiga  ranah peran agama; individu, sosial dan institusional. Pandangan bahwa agama ada dalam domain gelap yang hanya mengatur hubungan dasar individu dengan Tuhannya dalam perkembangannya banyak dijadikan pembenar atas keengganan (kita) dalam pencarian filosofi ke-Tuhanan, Sang Diri serta berbagai hal yang terkait denganNya. Akibatnya, sangat sedikit diantara kita – termasuk saya – menguasai konsep  fisolofi spiritual yang sahih, dalam hal ini filsafat keHinduan – ajaran yang saya warisi. Padahal, kajian filosofis ke-Tuhanan ini esensiil untuk menyokong bergulirnya peran agama ke domain yang berbeda; yakni sebagai sarana pencerahan masyarakat (sosial) melalui keteladanan dan edukasi. (more…)

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by Ernest Valea

reinkarnasiThe concept of reincarnation seems to offer one of the most attractive explanations of humanity’s origin and destiny. It is accepted not only by adherents of Eastern religions or New Age spirituality, but also by many who don’t share such esoteric interests and convictions. To know that you lived many lives before this one and that there are many more to come is a very attractive perspective from which to judge the meaning of life. On the one hand, reincarnation is a source of great comfort, especially for those who seek liberation on the exclusive basis of their inner resources. It gives assurance for continuing one’s existence in further lives and thus having a renewed chance to attain liberation. On the other hand, reincarnation is a way of rejecting the monotheistic teaching of the final judgment by a holy God, with the possible result of being eternally condemned to suffer in hell. Another major reason for accepting reincarnation by so many people today is that it seems to explain the differences that exist among people. Some are healthy, others are tormented their whole life by physical handicaps. Some are rich, others at the brink of starvation. Some have success without being religious; others are constant losers, despite their religious dedication. Eastern religions explain these differences as a result of previous lives, good or bad, which bear their fruits in the present one through the action of karma. Therefore reincarnation seems to be a perfect way of punishing or rewarding one’s deeds, without the need of accepting a personal God as Ultimate Reality. (more…)

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This article is the continuation of Quantum Physics and Vedanta – Part 1/4

quantum_veda1by Jayant Kapatker

With this proper understanding of the Schrodinger wave function, many further questions come to mind.

Question 1: The Schrodinger wave function represents the ‘wave’ aspect of the wave/particle duality as postulated by de Broglie. A prerequisite for the Schrodinger wave function is that it must be a standing wave. To be a standing wave it must be enclosed within some type of ‘wall’. We saw the electron wave function operates within an atom. But the atom is also a wave, so where are ‘walls’ for the atom – you might say the molecule. But the molecule is also a wave function, so where are the ‘walls’ for the molecule. As you keep moving from micro to macro, you can keep asking the same question for every macro object in this universe. Where is the ‘wall’ for the standing waves of the objects in this world? (more…)

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Quantum Physics and Vedanta – Part 2/4

by Jayant Kapatker

Understanding Vedanta Cosmology

Science tells us that the Big Bang took place 13.7 billion years ago. One of the foremost questions is – what was there before the big bang? What was there at t = 0? Based on our previous discussion we can say that Self Aware Atma was present at t = 0, in fact Atma is t = 0. It is therefore logical to conclude that the big bang was born out of this Self Aware Atma. All the matter and energy, all the space was born out of this Atma. (more…)

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Quantum Physics and Vedanta – Part 3/4

by Jayant Kapatker

De Broglie Hypothesis

We saw earlier that de Broglie, the French physicist, asserted that matter is both a wave and a particle. There was no clear explanation is to why this is so. Neither was any explanation offered as to the logical interaction between the wave and particle.

After understanding the seed, subtle and gross aspects of the universe from Vedanta, I think we are ready to answer the questions raised by the de Broglie hypothesis. The waveform of matter belongs to the subtle universe and the particle form of matter belongs to the gross universe. They both represent the same thing. Every living and nonliving physical object in this universe exists as a wave and as a particle. Vedanta teaches us that there is the fully functioning subtle universe where the different waveforms interact with each other to form complex waveforms. For example, the JPEG file for an image is in a subtle form, while the actual image you see on your on computer is the gross version of the JPEG file. This is a good way to understand the connection between the subtle and gross universes. The subtle universe creates the gross universe. The subtle universe operates within the individual and cosmic minds. We saw earlier that Maya Shakti converts the subtle waves to gross objects. (more…)

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